XSHOP WooCommerce Theme Review: What’s Good & Bad in it?

(Last Updated On: July 23, 2017)

Xshop is a theme which I found in a sale at themeforest, and luckily I bought it for around $19 (in that sale) instead of its original price of $59. For those who have’nt checked it out yet let me tell you.. buying this theme is the best deal you can ever have..

Need a reason? Don’t worry I’ll give you several reasons.

What’s Good in Xshop Woocommerce theme and its deal on themeforest?

1). Several Theme formats for various genres/industries

This theme is undoubtedly created after doing proper market research, that’s why the author have tried to give so much in one deal.

You can find women & men fashion theme, kids fashion theme, shoes theme, electronic theme, jewelry & accessories theme and also single-product shop etc in this single theme.

So that you don’t have to worry about making big changes for changing the format of theme for different industry or genre, you just have to make a click and it’s all done.

xshop multipurpose woocommerce theme

2). Documentation is done well.

If you are a wordpress designer, you must be knowing that how difficult it goes when the author of the theme doesn’t documents the theme well, and you just have to find it all on your own, right from basic theme features to specially designed theme features.

You just don’t have to worry about that here, since the documentation of this theme has been done excellently. So that you don’t have to wander around for setting up this theme for your website, which for a fact saves us a lot of time.

You can checkout the documentation of theme here

3). 12 Useful Highlight Features

This theme provides you 12 most useful highlighting features for your products.

i). Product Mapper included with themeimage mapper aditya singh asia

ii). Hover Styles & tool-tips
iii). Action Notify
iv). Sidecart
v). Product Quickview
vi). Advance Filter
vii). Menu Styles
viii). Custom Attributescustom attributes xshop

ix). Specially Designed Details Page
x). List Style for Products
xi). Free Ninja Popup
xii). Add to wishlist option

These features make this theme most useful and ready to use, to start your own woocommerce store online.

You can even setup your store using demo it provides with the theme file, which will save you much of your time creating menu items and sliders etc.

Other Cool Features of Xshop Theme: features xshop

Apart from these cool plugins you get, it also offers you an option for SEO for your website right in the theme options and live support in the wp-admin panel.

Buy Xshop

What’s bad in Xshop Woocommerce Theme??

These are the things which only that person can tell you who have used this theme before, and luckily it’s me!

So, after telling you so much good in this theme let me tell you there are few drawbacks in Xshop too.

No wonder, every coin has two sides, and so does Xshop. Now, let’s come to the point..

  • Xshop’s category page has header issue, where you have to deal with the header image’s size.
    Basically this theme has fuctionality of showcasing a header image for each product category’s page, where you will have to hit and trial about the size of the header image if you are looking forward to add an image, which in my case i was willing to.
  • Another problem I have to face with theme, was not getting theme updates even after properly buying it from themeforest, I guess that might be due to I bought it in a low price in a sale!

Well.. I can’t recall any other drawback at this moment, though I’ve used this theme for months on my own store. I would update you guys on finding out any other major issue.

Though this theme on an whole is a complete value for your money, just because they offer you so many plugins for free, which in any case you could be buying separately.

In terms of usage, value for money and “post-sale customer support” I can rate this theme 4 star atleast!

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Aditya Singh
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