How To Target Country Specific Website Traffic in 2017

target country specific website traffic
(Last Updated On: March 22, 2017)

Most of the bloggers these days monetize their blogs and wants to earn money online through Google adsense and other affiliate ads. And for getting better results (in terms of money) countries like U.S.A. and United Kingdom are known to be best for getting highest CPC. Targeting for the Country Specific website traffic is known to be a good strategy to jumpstart your blog.

In simple terms people from these countries when click your ads on your website/blog, you will be paid more as compared to clicks from other coutries.

Moreover, in case of affiliate ads also, people from US and UK buy more stuffs, since they have higher purchasing power.

Now it becomes important for us to know how we can target our blog to specific country for getting indexed more frequently in that country and getting more traffic from those countries too.

How to Target Country Specific Website Traffic

1). Buy Country Specific Domain Name

It’s better option to buy the country specific domain name for your blog or website so that search engines can automatically prefer your website in that country

Learn more about gTLDs and domain name extensions here

2). Use Geo-Targeting in Google Search Console

You can target your gTLDs (.com , .net, org) domain names to specific country’s audience using Google Search console by telling Google Search Engine to which country you are writing your content for.

Target your domain for a specific country here

This video by Google will tell you how can use Google’s Geo-Targeting for your website

3). Try Google Trends for Finding Country Specific trending topics

Google trends is best option to find out the trending topics in a particular country, which can help increase your audience from particular country, since you will be writing about what is trending and what people want to read.

4). Make content more country specific

Try to use local words and terminology along with the language of your target country. It will increase your search engine visibility as well as readability and acceptance in that country.

Since now the readers will feel more familier with the content and type of writing, which can boost up your audience base and support from that country.

5). Web Hosting Server Location

Choose your server’s location in your target country so that, your website will open more quickly in that country as compared to server located in another country.

And Search engines these days rank on the basis of site speed. And now when your website is loading faster in that country, your website will also get higher rank in the search engine results in that particular location.

You can also use SEMrush to track the country specific website audience and overview details.

Do tell us if you follow any other method for targeting your website for a specific country!

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