How to Start an Online Business without any Technical Skill

How to Start an Online Business without any Technical Skill
(Last Updated On: January 3, 2018)

There are several ideas out there waiting to be converted into successful online business ventures.. But what most of the people lack is technical skills and they either end up wasting time gaining skills or they don’t start it at all.

I often meet people who come up with awesome business ideas, but they lack technical skills. And what I suggest them everytime is what I am gonna tell my blog readers today.

I have a habit of updating my knowledge about latest technology advancements and service providers around the world that are literally changing the way of doing business.

And I am going to tell you, what are your options if you have an idea to start a business (especially online business) but you do not know how to start it.

How to Start an Online Business if you do not have any technical skill ?

The broader answer to this question is to go with ecommerce platforms to get your store online.

Ecommerce platforms basically provide you all the necessary services required to start an online store, like ecommerce website, ssl certificates, payment collection sytem or payment gateways, shipping solutions and store management software etc.

And these platforms resolves your problem of setting up an online store and helps you throughout to create business and turn your idea into successful venture.

There are plenty of ecommerce platforms out there. like shopify, bigcommerce, shopio, kartrocket, storehippo (both in India) and several others like them.

how to start a business

But before I tell you which one is better for your business, let me first guide you step by step about the things required to start an online business, if one does not choose to go with any ecommerce platform.

Step 1: You need to buy a domain name or simply we call it a website name (

Step 2: Need to buy a web hosting plan suitable as per your business requirement

Step 3: Find a web developer to build an online store for you, which costs $20/hr to $100/hr

Step 4: Need to find payment gateway solution to start collecting online payments on your website

Step 5: Finalize products/services and a proper methodalogy to start selling them online

Step 6: Find a way to deliver product or services on time, through proper channel

Step 7: Finalize methods to market and SEO/SEM your brand

And these are the things which these ecommerce platforms provide you in one go and for better prices per month, that too with customer support and business creation tips.

Now is the time to tell you which one is cheaper and which one is better overall

Which is the best ecommerce platform to start an online venture ?

The cheapest among all is Shopio, whose prices starts from $19.95/mo. And you can start your trial for 14 days for free with them.

The Second option among these is Shopify, whose prices start from $29/mo and have similar 14 days free trial option.

Rest of them are costlier than these two, and for providing similar services, so I am not even trying to tell you why you should choose them.

Among Shopio and Shopify, the more sensible plans are of Shopio, since they just offer you, what is all required at particular stage of business as per their pricing-plan divisions and not just brag about offering something for unlimited.

Also, I found Shopio more simpler and easy to use as compared to shopify.

On the other hand Shopify has more themes and plugins available, so you can customize your webstore with more options.

Still I would suggest you to go with Shopio, since it is much easier and better for starting an online store for beginners and people who have lesser knowledge of store creation. In addition to that, you will be paying lesser amount per month, which is an essential thing for a startup to cut cost.

If you have any reviews or comments, feel free to share them with us in the comment box below.

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