Simplest Guide: How to Start a WordPress Blog (step by step)

simplest guide to how to start a wordpress blog
(Last Updated On: January 13, 2018)

Blogging is probably the best way to express your views and tell people around the world about your experiences, your innovations, your thesis and all. I have been writing since 2015 on blogs, just to share my wordpress designing experiences, travelling experiences as well as to share tips related to business startups.

In my case (fortunately) I knew how to start a blog and how to start everything related to it. But there are plenty of people out there who have so much potential and so much knowledge to share, who don’t know how and where to start a blog for minimal cost.

I am writing this article to enable those potential writers who wants to start their own blog for a hobby or as a profession.

Since I know how complicated it can go, if proper steps are not followed to start a blog, I will be telling here the simplest possible steps to start a blog on wordpress.

So, before we start.. let us talk about what all do we need to start a blog on wordpress.

What all things do we need to start a WordPress blog?

There are only 2 things that are required to start a Blog or any website on internet..

  1. The very first thing that you need is a domain name (your website name e.g. in my case)
  2. Second but another crucial thing is web hosting (where your website will be stored on internet)
  3. Installing WordPress on your web hosting

How to Start a WordPress Blog (step by step)

Let me start with the domain name..

It is the website address on internet, like which you enter in the search/url bar to open a particular website. And one have to register a domain name on his/her name before starting a website.

For buying a domain name, I suggest

Steps to Register a domain name on Namecheap:

Step1 – Find your domain name

namecheap-domain how to start a blog on wordpress

Step 2- Add domain name to the cart, continue to the cart

namecheap how to start a blog on wordpress 1

Step 3- Continue to make payment, to register the website name on your name

namecheap how to start a blog on wordpress

The similar procedure can be adopted for registering domain name with any other provider too.

Now when you have successfully registered a domain name, now’s the turn for web hosting.

It is the space that you buy to host your website on internet.

To buy a website, my suggestions are:

Steps to buy hosting:

Step 1- Choose a basic plan

itsmydomain best web hosting for new blogs

Step 2- Enter your registered domain name to link the hosting order with that domain

cheapest web hosting for blogs

Step 3- Create your Hosting account with your details and continue to checkout

checkout on itsmydomain

Now comes a stage of setting up wordpress.

After buying domain name and web hosting for your blog you need to login to cpanel of your web hosting

cpanel itsmydomain

Go to the softaculous/Quickinstall icon in the cpanel; find and install “WordPress”


softaculous on itsmydomain


After WordPress installation, you will need to login to your admin panel from

where will be replaced by the website name bought by you previously..

Login here with the admin details you’ve created while installing wordpress.

That’s it you are all set to start writing your blog now..

dashboard wordpress

Just go to POSTS in the dashboard (as shown above) and start writing your first article.

Furthermore, you can change theme of the blog from APPEARANCE menu on the left.

Isn’t it easier than you thought??

Share it with your writer/potential blogger friends and let them know how easy it is..

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Aditya Singh
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