How to Receive Amazon US Affiliate Payment through Payoneer

amazon-us-affiliate payment thorugh payoneer
(Last Updated On: June 7, 2017)

In the Series of articles for helping our readers get to know about another method of earning money online is through Amazon’s Affiliate Program & throughout this article I’ll be telling you about how you can receive Amazon US affiliate payment using Payoneer.

For the affiliates living in the countries like US and UK receiving payments isn’t really a problem at all.

Because they can receive this payment directly in their bank accounts.

But for the rest of the world, receiving payment of affiliate accounts is a major issue.

Now if you have chosen to signup for or Amazon US affiliate program then :

-It will ask you for your basic/personal details,

-It will also ask you for your website details,

-then it will ask you for Tax and payment related information, and in this part most people get confused about which option to choose for receiving payments when they belong to countries other than US and UK.

How to Receive Amazon US Affiliate payment through Payoneer

Login to your Amazon’s affiliate portal at

Then go to Payment and personal details page as displayed below in the screenshot.

Click on the “Change Payment Method” to see the 3 available payment methods.

amazon US affiliate program

In the next sreenshot below you can clearly see the 3 payment methods offered by the to collect the money you have earned through their affiliate program –

  1. gift card
  2. Direct deposit (United States Based Associates Only)
  3. Pay by check

Amazon affiliate US payment methods

As you guys can see the 1st and 3rd payment methods seem to be unusual methods which people try not to opt generally.

Just because in the 1st case they wouldn’t be get paid in money, whereas in the 3rd method it will take much time for a person to withdraw their money from.

This leaves us with the 2nd method which is also very confusing and hard to opt until you know about the Payoneer.

Payoneer provides a local bank account to you in US, UK and EU to directly receiving payments.

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After signing up (if you don’t have a Payoneer account yet) and then logging in to the Payoneer account go to the Global Payment Service option.

There you will see a screen like that is visible below with your local bank account details in US , UK and Europe.

Amazon US Affiliate Payment account details for getting payment

Now what you need to do is to copy the US bank account details of yours from your Payoneer account and paste them in the “Pay me by direct Deposit” option in the payment method page in the amazon affiliate’s dashboard, just like visible in the screenshot below. affiliate

All you have to do now is to click on the submit button.

After crossing a threshold amount of $10/- you will get a direct money deposit in your Payoneer account.

You can either withdraw this money directly in your bank account linked with the Payoneer account or you can use the Payoneer Mastercard (if you have one) to withdraw from the atm worldwide.

I hope this article was helpful for choosing the best and quickest method for receiving Amazon US Affiliate Payment in your account.

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Aditya Singh
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