Late Night Hangout Spots in Delhi

late night hangout spots in delhi ncr
(Last Updated On: February 7, 2017)

Are you a nightcrawler?? Looking for places in Delhi to hangout till the sunrise?? Have a look at this list which can make your nightlife more fun, because now onwards you will be aware of more places to visit after midnight.

13 Late night Hangout spots in Delhi NCR

1.Convergys Dhaba :

convergys dhaba
Situated opposite to Cybercity Gurgoan (now Gurugram) is a treat for the latenight food lovers. You can always find an Indian meal here till the morning, and can sit with your friends and talk for the whole night.

2. PVR Saket’s & CP’s McDonalds:

mcdJust came out of a pub?? Looking to eat something now?? Go to PVR Saket (Not too far from Hauz Khas Village) And if you were partying in CP then CP’s McD is open near you till 2am.

3. Comesum (open 24X7):

night life spot comesum
Complete your tummy’s modnight wishes at the Comesum available at Nizamuddeen Railway Station and also at various other spots in Delhi

4. Little Owl Cafe:

night life spot
Situated near Sector 18 metro Station Noida, this place only closes for 5am to 8am everyday. You can also find a Hookah if you are a lover of that.

5. Pandora Road:

Situated near India Gate, this place remains open till 3am and you can find almost all types of food here.

6. Late Night Theka:

Situated in Rohini, this place remains open all night. And you can find your booze whenever you want.

7. The Booty Call Cafe:

Situated in Satya Niketan, this place remains open for the whole night after 9pm and closes at 8am in the morning. Its a cool place to hangout for the whole night, since this place has almost all those necessary things available with them, which a particular hangout requires.

8. Baba Kharak Singh marg, CP:

food cp
This place remains open till 1am and you can find your choice of meal here.

9. Chaai with Parathaas:

If you are just looking for a street food and chai sutta combination, you can find it for the whole night near AIIMS.

10. Shivaji Stadium:

Shivaji Stadium
This place looks like a night market where you can find delicious non-veg food at cheapest prices for the whole night.

11. Moolchand Paranthewala:

moolchand paranthewale
Situated just outside the Moolchand Metro station, this place is famous for (as the name suggests) for best paranthas in Delhi, remains open 24X7 a day.

12. JNU:

You can always find food and chai in and near JNU for almost round the clock . This place is also known to be the safest, since you can always find students sitting and wandering around  here.

13. Amrik Sukhdev (Murthal):

Amrik sukhdev
Last.. but definitely not the least.. This place remains open for the whole night and just closes for 5AM to 8AM in the morning. You can always find this place heavily crowded. Even at the 3am in the morning.

Situated 50 Kms from the National Capital is the favourite spot for the nightcrawlers and the Long drive lovers.

There are more places in Delhi NCR which remain open for the whole night, but i found the aforementioned places the best among all. If you think there should be more name/s in the list, please mention them in the comment section below.

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