How To Improve CTR in Adwords & Tips to keep in mind for Improving it

How To Improve CTR in Adwords
(Last Updated On: February 26, 2017)

Is your Adwords budget getting depleted without returning you desired results??

Is your CTR (or Click Through Rate) is sinking below 1% or even below 0.5% ???

If your answer to any of the above two questions is ‘YES’ then for sure your Ad campaign is going all wrong and will keep on burning your funds in your account.

Since I am writing here about improving CTR in adwords campaign, I have to presume here that you know how to setup your Google Adwords account. And I’ll continue with the main topic.

How To Improve CTR in Adwords ??

Upon analyzing several google Adwords account of my clients, the one thing I know for sure that CTR or click through rate of an ad can only be improved if you have setup a good ad (appealing) whether it is a display ad or it’s a search ad.

Before I further describe, it’s also important to know what exactly is Click Through Rate..

What is Click Through Rate in adwords??

CTR or Click through rate is basically the figure displaying the total number of clicks over the ad divided by the total number of times that ad is seen.

It provides us a clear picture of the exact performance of our ad, that how many people were tempted to click that particular ad in your ad campaign.

Things to keep in mind for improving CTR

  • CTR of a particular ad completely depends upon the the quality of ad you have created,
  • Whether we talk about the “display ad” or the “Search ad” a person will only click that ad if it is appealing and serves the purpose of the viewer of that ad,
  • You can improve the quality of an ad by properly researching your target audience,
  • You should research about the demographics of people that might be interested in your product/service of which you are serving ad,
  • Choose proper “age-range“, “gender“, “keywords” , “placements” for serving a particular ad

Tips For Making Improvements:

1). Keep the textual content like heading, description of the ad clear and easily understandable.

Since the user takes very less time to see that ad on a website or on the earch engine.
Your Ad content must be such that the user is tempted to click on the link.

2). In display ads, try to use clean and attractive images, well describing your product and user’s demand.

3). The “placement” of the ad is very important.

Try to add only those website and apps in the placement list which are of your related niches.

Your target audience must be visiting that site on which you are placing the ad, other wise adwords will end up just showing the ads, without getting much number of clicks.

4). Use keywords as precisely-describing your product as possible.

It will end the case of losing your clicks to those who are not actually looking for your product.

And will actually reach the users who are actively looking for products like your’s.

5). Use remarketing ads:

It will show the ads to those who’ve recently visited your website and might be interested in your another product too.

6). Exclude the age group, gender and even the keywords for which the CTR is less than 0.20% or even less than 0.10%.

These people are not really interested buying your product and are actually sucking up your funds by viewing and clicking your ads.

7). Make sure while writing and creating your ads that you make them more realistic and fulfilling customers’ demand in the market.

This will tempt the users to click on the ad and thus improving your CTR.

These 7 points are must to keep in mind while running an ad campaign on google adwords.

It wil help you to improve CTR of your ad campaign and thus will generate more leads to you. That too in that same amount of funds in account.

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Aditya Singh
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