Freelancing: Tips to Calculate your Freelance Rate

tips tp calculate freelance rate
(Last Updated On: September 20, 2017)

“How much will you Charge??” This is probably the first question whose answer seems to be difficult for you to make to your client. Only setting a right Freelance rate will bag you that project you were looking for.

Doing a freelance job.. sitting at your home at your desk might look easy job to others.. but it’s not!

This very question asked in the first conversation of yours with your client will decide if you are going to get that job or not. And in a hurry to get this job most of us make a most common mistake. That is “undervaluing our work”.

It is important to charge your client what is best for both, neither less nor more..

Because.. If you are undervaluing yourself, then get ready to overwork for a lesser amount paid. On the other hand if you charged more than your client can afford or willing to pay, then you might end up loosing the project itself.


It is important to note that, even a newbie needs to set his standard freelance rates as per the market rates and not just charge less just because he/she doesn’t have much experience.

Let me enlist few points that you must keep in your mind, before you set your freelance rate for a particular client

Tips to Calculate your Freelance Rate

1). Make your Profile Look worthy:

The first thing a client looks for while choosing a freelancer for a work is his/her portfolio. You must update your portfolio links and websites with all the latest works you have done so far. And that too must be displayed in a very attractive manner. Because this is what you are pitching for.

Even if you are a newbie and doesn’t have any work to display, you must create your portfolio in such a manner, that is focussed on your skills rather than what you have done so far!

A better profile can do half of your talking with your client itself. And you just have to explain exactly what you can offer your client for the money you are charging.

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2). Research your client:

One thing you must do before meeting is to do your homework by researching your potential client.

Research what they do, see if they have previous related works and how much is the worth of their previous projects.

This will help setting and negotiating your freelance rate better with your potential client and both of you will get the best deal.

3). Decide if you want to charge per day, per hour or per project:

If you are a newbie, i would suggest you to go for per project rate. And if you think you have better skills go for per day atmost.

If you have got better skills and better experience choose whatever format you want, depending upon whatever suits your client the best.

The other factors that you must take is researching the “market rate”, telling your client the quality of work you will be providing and other benefits you can provide for the overall project.

Moreover, if you are a freelancer based in UK then you can calculate your freelance rate here


No matter how hard you try chasing a client, it’s upto them if they want to hire you or not. You just need to try your best to get best out of a project, since it’s your hard work you are getting paid for.

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Aditya Singh
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