How to embed Youtube Video in a WordPress site

how to embed youtube video on wordpress website
(Last Updated On: August 6, 2017)

Embedding a Youtube video in a wordpress website, is actually much easier than you guys might have thought.

In recent times, the increase in the smartphone usage has created a need for sharing the video content on your wordpress websites and blogs, since it improves the engagement of your content.

How to embed youtube video in a wordpress website

There are basically two methods for embedding the youtube video into your wordpress website.

1). Sharing youtube video by just share option

You can embed the youtube video in the post editor of wordpress, by simply copy-pasting the “youtube share” link.

youtube-snaps-for-embed-codeFor that, go to the video you wish to embed to your post.

  1. find the Share button below the video player in the youtube,
  2. click on the Share button, and you will see a link,
  3. copy this link and simply paste it into your wordpress post editor, and it will automatically embed that video into your post.


2). Sharing youtube Video using Embed Code

There’s another way which you can use to embed youtube video in wordpress, especially for embedding the video in sidebar or any other widget area other than wordpress post editor.


  1. Click on the Share button,
  2. Now click on the Embed button,
  3. It will show you the embed code,
  4. Simply copy and paste this embed code in the wordpress widget area you wish to embed.

On saving the widget you will see the video directly working on your wordpress website.

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