Ccavenue vs Payumoney vs Instamojo

Ccavenue vs Payumoney vs Instamojo
(Last Updated On: September 29, 2017)

Choice of Payment gateways has gain so much importance these days, just because of rise of plenty of e-commerce businesses in the market. But before they start the most important thing founders deal with is to choose best option, suitable for their business. And that’s why I am writing this article to compare Ccavenue vs Payumoney vs Instamojo and clear your doubts.

I have already written an article about the best payment gateways in India, where I have mentioned the names of these three payment gateways already, now comes the comparison amongst the best.

Ccavenue vs Payumoney vs Instamojo – which one to choose?

Fortunately, I am using all 3 of them right now for my businesses, and I am in a better position to answer this question, frequently arising among people’s mind that which 1 is better and which 1 they should use for their business.

Starting with CCavenue,



  1. It is good for small, medium as well as large-scale businesses for receiving online payments.
  2. Charges 2% per transaction for basic and starter plans which is OK
  3. AMC (Annual Maintenance Charges) free for 1st year of sign up


  1. Signup process is easy, but compliance seem to bit difficult and time-consuming, it took 15 days to complete compliances and I had to go court to get a stamp paper signed for the Merchant-sub merchant agreement.
  2. They will start charging around INR 2000 to INR 5000 for basic as well as starter plans as AMC after completion of 1st year.
  3. The most important thing is their support is worst, and you will end up waiting in long queues (upto 30 waiting) in their live chat and on the other hand if you have an unlimited STD plan then it’s good to call them.
    Since they will keep you waiting for 20-30 minutes to get in contact with a representative.
  4. Integration is bit difficult.

My Verdict: Not a good option to choose



  1. Good for small, medium and large-scale businesses.
  2. Charges same 2% per successful transaction
  3. Currently they are not charging any AMC
  4. Easy to sign up with them and you will get your APIs in a similar fashion to PayPal


  1. They will send you a merchant agreement which you will have to fill up, get stamped wherever necessary along with the Stamp paper from court, which in their case they will get it prepared for you. And you will have to send these documents to them for verification.
    This takes around 10-14 days
  2. Their support used to be better few months back when I signed up, I even got a dedicated account manager, which they have stopped offering these days. One have to suffer a lot if things don’t get well with the API’s etc
  3. Integration is difficult but easier as compared to Ccavenue
  4. Comes up with paid plugin for WordPress, which I think is a drawback of it.

My Verdict: Comparatively better than CCavenue, takes lesser time, No AMC. You can consider it as a good option, since they also have an option of wallet.



  1. Easy to sign up, good for all business sizes
  2. You can start receiving payments from the day 1, though there exists a limit upto INR 10,000 per month until the documents are verified
  3. Have several options to receive payments, like you can receive payments through a link on whatsapp, on emails, and with your custom payments links, along with the options that Ccavenue and Payumoney provide
  4. You get INR 500 on successful verification of KYC documents, when signed up through this link
  5. You don’t have to run for documents verification and completion of papers, everything is done online


  1. Sometimes their executives takes hours to respond, which happens once in a while

My Verdict: Awesome and best option among Ccavenue vs Payumoney vs Instamojo comparison

Conclusion – Ccavenue vs Payumoney vs Instamojo comparison  :

Being a business person you need to have as many options available in the market to receive payments and that too in minimum cost. And these tests are well passed by Instamojo in comparison.

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