Best WordPress Forum Plugins: Top 5 List of Forum Plugins

best wordpress forum plugins
(Last Updated On: March 24, 2017)

Building a forum requires more effort, more technical knowledge as compared to simply blogging. But guess what?? WordPress has made that easy too for us, and one can simply convert a wordpress portal into a forum by using either free or premium wordpress forum plugins.

And like every other time I have brought to you a complete (top 5) list of WordPress forum plugins that can help you convert your simple wordpress based site into a community blog or we say a forum.

Best WordPress Forum Plugins

1). bbPress

bbPress forum plugin

Download bbPress

bbPress is simply focused on ease of integration, ease of use, web standards, and speed.
You just need to install this plugin and WOOF! your website is now turned up into a forum.

You will see this plugin in most of the articles written about the topic, reason is the support and frequent updates of this plugin.


This plugin is made keeping in mind the detailings of wordpress platform. And is probably the best plugin to use for this purpose.

Additional bbPress Plugins to enhance the functionality of your Forum:

2). WP Symposium Pro

WP-Symposium-Pro wordpress forum

Download WP Symposium Pro

With the help of this amazing plugin you can create your own social network, activity wall, friends, forums, private mail – and much more in WordPress.

3). CM Answers

CM-Answers plugin

Download CM Answers

This cool plugin enables users to post questions and answers (Q&A) in a stack overflow style, it also Iicludes voting, moderation, notifications, access control and several more features.

4). DW Question & Answer

DW-Question-&-Answer forum plugin for wordpress

Download DW Question & Answers

It is a WordPress plugin which builds a complete Question & Answer system for your WordPress site, similar to Quora or Stackoverflow.

The plugin supports multi-languages, shortcodes, reCAPTCHA, email notification system and so on

5). WP Pro Forum System

WP-Pro-Forum-System wordpressDownload WP Pro Forum System

This fantabulous plugin allows you to add a clean and user-friendly forum to your website, moreover it has several powerful features to create a professional looking forum/helpdesk with ease and in lesser time than you can think of.

The forum is created to work on the frontend of your website but admins are able to manage all forums, topics, replies, categories and tags from the admin area itself.


In conclusion I would suggest, if you do not have much of technical knowledge use bbPress as you can see there are plenty of additional plugins and enhancing features available with it.

Truly speaking these are some of the best wordpress forum plugins one can use for making a forum on wordpress website.

If you think any other plugin should be included in this list feel free to drop the name and your experience with the plugin below. Do not forget to SHARE

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