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Virtual Reality Glasses
(Last Updated On: April 30, 2017)

VR or Virtual Reality is undoubtedly the future of entertainment, but if you have an iPhone instead of an android device it doesn’t mean you can’t experience the fun of Virtual Reality Glasses.

I have brought to you a complete list of best virtual reality glasses for iphone users so that you can buy one for your phone and experience the world from another dimension.

Best Virtual Reality Glasses for iPhone Users

1). Zeiss VR ONE Plus Headset

vr glass zeiss

This headset works with your smartphone to give you access to immersive 3D videos, games, and augmented reality. Just slip your smartphone into the custom-made tray, insert the tray into the VR One Plus, and you’re ready to go.

Thanks to its specially designed “eye-box,” users don’t have to make any mechanical lens adjustments to account for different interpupillary distances, meaning the VR One Plus can be worn with eyeglasses as well.

Ventilation ports are built into the headset to prevent fogging, and openings in the smartphone tray allow you to hear your smartphone’s audio clearly.

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2). Merge VR

Merge VR - Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone and Android

Merge VR Goggles transports you to another space. This goggle is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Merge VR Goggles provide an immersive virtual reality experience powered by your own smartphone.

They’re made of marshmallow soft foam that fits naturally to the contours of any face, and are amazingly comfortable, durable, and hygienic since they’re easy to wipe clean.

Merge VR also provides VR START, a portal to virtual worlds with hundreds of curated, virtual reality apps and experiences to choose from that are compatible with your new Merge Goggles.

You can explore apps ranging from games and 360 videos, to virtual tourism to education, and more.

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3). Maeffort 3D VR Headset

Maeffort 3D VR Headset

These VR Glasses Goggles Fit For 3.5″-5.5″ iPhone7/6/ 6s plus

Product Description:

It TAKES CARE OF YOUR EYES AND PUT ZERO PRESSURE-Lower eyelid is the weakest part of the eyes.It based on human engineering, redesign the position on basis of regurlar headband to relieve the load of nose bridge and eyelid so as to allevate feeling of fatigue.

OVERSIZED VISUAL ANGLE GETS YOU IMMERSIVE-FOV120 panoramic view and the screen is magnified 5.5 times than before,the super vision will give you unlimited world, an incredible visual fidelity and immersive feeling.

Pupil Distance (PD) and Focal Distance (FD) both can be adjusted to get the best 3D immersive experience. Pupillary Distance adjustment range: 55mm – 75mm.

Myopia less than 600 degree is ok to use this item without wearing glasses.
Note: The focus adjustment is NOT independent for each eye.

Fits for iPhone, Android phones and Windows phones with screen size within 6.0 inch, recommended phone size is 3.5- 5.5 inch.

The max length*width of phone is 154mm*82mm.

The front cover, adsorbed by magnet, is easy to be removed.

It makes the phone cool while using, and it is great for ventilation for long use.

You can charge and use earphone at the same time through the ventilation holes on both sides.

The surface of this 3D VR glasses is matte and it also uses a high-definition optical resin lenses.

Three adjustable straps can distract part of pressure from the bridge of nose, super face foam protector, comfortable design.

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4). View-Master Deluxe VR Viewer

View-Master Deluxe VR Viewer ( that Works With Google Cardboard ) has been designed to give you a more immersive VR experience.

This VR features a headphone connector for a more immersive audio experience, wider lenses for expanded field of view and a focus wheel to bring images to focus without your glasses!

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5). iDudu VR

iDudu VR - Virtual Reality Headset
iDudu Virtual Reality glasses is made of good quality plastic with excellent workmanship and elegant design.

Improved leather material around eye area and headband to make it comfortable to wear while watching movies or playing games.

Pupil distance and focal distance could be adjustable, fits for eye-sight below 800 degrees. The front cover is adsorbed by magnet, easily to be remove, make the phone cool while using, and great for ventilation for long use.

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6). Homido V2 Virtual Reality Headset for Smartphone

Homido V2 Virtual Reality Headset for Smartphone

Product Description:

Virtual reality headset for smartphones (Android & iOs) FEATURES – Custom made VR lenses: 100° FOV

Farsightedness and nearsightedness settings

Compatible with most recent smartphones (Android & iPhone)

Optical settings: IPD and immersion adjustment
– Interchangeable face contact foam – Wireless

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7). UCVR 3D VR Glasses

UCVR 3D VR Glasses for iphones

Eyesight Protection 3D VR Glasses Lenses: Three types of Fresnel optical glasses lenses suitable for different people (adults and kids), including normal eyesight and myopia under 8.0 diopters and astigmatism within 0.5 diopter.

If you are normal vision, then choose the lowest diopters to watch, if you are nearsightedness, then choose the suitable diopters glasses to use it can protect your vision in a certain degree.

Automatic FD & OD Adjustment and Large Viewing Angle Design: After precise calculation of the lenses and structure, it can provide a better experience of watching movies to different people.

You do not need to adjust Pupil Distance and Object Distance. You can get a viewing angle of between 98 to 110 degrees/ FOV and you can enjoy shocking 3D immersive experience, like a small Home 3D Cinema

Ergonomic Head belt Design: Ergonomic design ensures a balanced stress condition in three points on the head (concentrated on the forehead), reducing 35% pressure to the eyes to feel more comfortable

Compatible with Smartphones Size within 5-5.7 inches: iPhone: 6s/6/6s plus/6 plus; Samsung Galaxy S7 edge/S7/S6 edge/S6/S5,Note 4/Note Edge/Note 5;
LG: G3/G4/G5/G Flex 2;
Google: Nexus 4/5;
Motorola: Moto G/Moto X Pure /Mote E;
HTC:One E9/M7/M8/M9/A9/X9 Desire 610/626S/816/828;
Huawei:Mate 8/P8/P9/Nexus 6P/Honor 5X
Nokia:Lumia 520/630/635/535;

Virtual Reality Games and Movies Apps: Downloading the VR apps from Google Play Store,Apple App Store, enjoy the VR games and movies.

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