Best Appointment Booking Plugins for WordPress 2017

(Last Updated On: September 24, 2017)

WordPress these days is the most widely used CMS in the world, which is used for designing almost every kind of website.

Appointment booking through websites is among one of those features, which professionals and businesses are frequently using these days.

I have pin pointed a list of 5 best appointment booking plugins for wordpress users, which can be used to convert wp into a appointment booking portal.

5 best appointment booking plugins for wordpress 2017

1). Pinpoint Booking System PRO – Book everything with WordPress:

This awesome plugin is the best among the list and have almost every feature one looks for in a wordpress plugin for starting an appointment booking website.

This plugin is the easiest way to rent accommodations, schedule services, book events or receive online reservations and appointments of any kind with your WordPress site.

Impress your customers/clients with this easy and fast to use system on your website

The one page booking process will optimize the time in which your clients will make a reservation, so that you don’t lose any.

The administration area is intuitive, powerful, flexible and very easy to manage availability and reservations, making Pinpoint Booking System equally good for big or small businesses and individuals.

The functionalities of Pinpoint Booking WordPress Plugin can be enhanced using add-ons.

There are two options for this plugin available in the market.

1st one is free to use, but have lesser no. of features as compared to the pro version.

Download Lite Version

2). Bookly Booking Plugin – Responsive Appointment Booking and Scheduling:

This amazing plugin lets you automate booking and online scheduling of your services, save time and money, manage your appointments and client base – all in one place.

Bookly Booking Plugin – appointment booking plugins

Download Free Lite Version

3). easyReservations:

easyReservations is the perfect plugin for receiving, managing and handling bookings easily.

It’s designed to be used for any reservable products like hotels, car rentals, events, B&Bs, appointments or conferences.

This plugin is very flexible and intuitive and has a more as huge amount of functions and possibilities.

It’s completely translatable and comes with english, german, italian, spanish, french, turkish and russian.



See also,

4). WP Booking Calender:

If you don’t want to touch any code, this is the must have tool for you. The administration panel does not require any coding skills.

Administrator can create a calendar for one or more services that are available for booking, with the option to set different timeframes for each day (Monday through Sunday) and all the other features you can find below.

Customers can look at the calendar and can easily place their reservations.

Both customer and administrator will receive notification to their emails.


wp booking calender


5). Booking Calendar:

Booking Calendar plugin enables online booking services for your site.

It’s highly supported, oldest (since 2009) booking wordpress pluginwith intuitive interface and flexible functionality, which is possible to use in wide range of businesses.

Whether you’re operating a big hotel with hundreds of rooms, or you’re a sole business owner, which need to automatize the bookings for your service.

Booking Calendar — WordPress Plugins


These are the top 5 appointment booking plugins which one can use easily on their wordpress based website and convert it into a booking portal.

Though there are few other plugins too which you might find valuable like – WP availability calendar & Booking and WP Quick Booking manager.

If you find any other plugin with similar or better features, do not forget to post it in the comment box.

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