Adsense Alternatives That Use Paypal

adsense alternatives that use paypal
(Last Updated On: March 22, 2017)

Adsense (Google) no doubt is the best ad network for publishers as well as for ad providers. But the problem is its rules are so strict that most of the accounts get disabled by the Google for not complying with their rules. I have enlisted 8 best Adsense Alternatives that use Paypal for making payments.

These are the options available for you providing better CPC, CPM and CPA for keeping your earning balanced even after the disabling of Google Adsense account.

Best Adsense Alternatives That Use Paypal for Payment

1). RevenueHits

RevenueHits is a better option to monetize your website with, since it provides you better ad placements options through its dashboard.

They pay you for CPA or “Cost Per Action” on the ads on your website. While using Revenuehits one thing you must keep in mind that it improves its ads with the amount of traffic you are receiving.

It is advised that you should give first 3-4 days to let it improve and set its ads properly for your website and then only it will be capable of delivering monetary results for you.


Payment Method: Paypal / Payoneer

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2). AdsOptimal

AdsOptimal is the ad network which can be deemed as one of the best options for monetizing your blog after Google. They pay awesome amount of money for your good quality blog. You will even get $5 credit in your AdsOptimal account if your website or blog have ample amount of traffic and further $10 to $15 for quality traffic and good page rank.

Payment Method: Paypal

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It is Second largest media/contextual ad network worldwide ad provider of Yahoo and Bing network, is best quality ad network after Google’s adsense.

Money wise also it provides best amount of money out of the number of clicks and impressions.

Since it is the best quality contextual ad provider and is the nearest competitor of google’s adsense it takes time for approving your website.

Payment Method: Paypal / Wire

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4). Infolinks

Infolinks is serving 100,000 websites worldwide and paying millions to its publishers in around 128 countries in the World.

Currently it is the 6th largest advertising network worldwide, serving 1.3 Billion ad views around the world. You can use it as an alternative to google adsense, since it can provide you thousands of dollars per month.

Payment Method: Paypal / ACH / Payoneer

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5). Adversal

It is another good quality ad provider having minimum requirement of 50k page views per month, website should not be serving adult content, malware and anything illegal.

adsense alternativesThey have good image ads which leads to ample number of clicks and good CTR.

Payment Method: Paypal/ Bankwire/ Cheque

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6). Viglink

Viglink automatically links to the product names like iphones, samsung, amazon, etc. And you earn money by basically making affiliate sales through links on your website’s textual content.


VigLink banner

Best thing is- it is supported by Google and is Search Engine Friendly too. You can earn much more than the normal contextual ad networks here, becuase you will be paid for affiliate sales and not for the number of clicks or impressions. And you can end up making several times more money than other ads.

Payment Method: Paypal

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7). Skimlinks

It is basically an alternative to the viglinks since both works in a similar fashion. And automatically generates outbound links to the text.

skimlinks adsense alternative

And just like in viglinks you get paid when your outbound link through the text makes a sale.

The reason you should signup for viglinks and skimlinks is they do not pay for the clicks but for the affiliate sale you make through the links going out through your website, through which you can make 15-20 times more than the normal contextual ads’ revenue.

Payment Method: Paypal

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8). PropellorAds

Best thing about them is they approve instantly, they have highest CPM and you can get paid for clicks from all the countries.

They are good alternative to adsense and you can make several thousand dollars every month with them.

Payment Method: Paypal

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Chitika is also deemed as one of the finest quality ad network after google, since I have written this article about those who pay through Paypal only, Chitika was not included in the list, just because they have recently opted out of Paypal.

Whether you are using Adsense or not but the best way to earn more money is to use the combination of textual (Viglink) and Contextual ads (RevenueHits).

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